TK1 with KK1

Temperature controller TK1 with nonlinear crystal oven KK1


TK1 and KK1 is high temperature set (up to 200 °C) consisting of thermocontroller TK1 and crystal oven KK1. TK1 has two independent outputs and can control two KK1 ovens simultaneously. Trough RS232 computer interface it can be controlled from PC. Current temperature is shown on LED display.

The nonlinear crystal is mounted into adapter before insertion into oven KK1. Such design facilitates handling and replacement of the crystal. The non-linear crystal can be sealed with fused silica windows in order to provide extra protection. The standard adapters are 15, 30 and 50 mm length with apertures of 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 mm size. Customized adapters for crystals up to 12×12 mm size are available. In addition, adapters for Brewster-cut and PPLN crystals are available too.


Quantity of ovens possible to connect to one controller TK121
Temperature tuning rangeRT-200 °C
Maximum crystals dimensions12x12x30 mm12x12x50 mm
Sealing (optional)FS windows
Accuracy± 0.5 °C
Long-term stability± 0.1 °C
Resolution0.1 °C
Powering requirements90-264 V, 47-66 Hz
Power consumption45 W
Sensor typePT1000
Output connectorDB9
Serial interfaceRS232 (DB 9)
Dimensions, Dia x DØ52×52 mmØ52×72 mm

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.

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